Weekly Update (Week of 8/11 – 8/15)


Hope this weekend was restful for you and your family. This past Friday, our grade level assessed our students in the first ten lessons we’ve covered in ratios, as well as our language arts read out loud “Bud, Not Buddy.” Tomorrow (Monday), you’ll receive both exams to review with your child. Please celebrate the strengths and reflect on what could be better for next time. It’s my joy to make sure they show growth, and I’ll continually supply them with learning activities and opportunities to display that growth. 

Also be sure to check out our book fair this week. I can’t emphasis enough how important reading is for our students. Check out the selection of books our fair will have by clicking here. If you’re looking for something that is grade level appropriate or would like reviews on specific books, check out the Scholastic App for your iOS or Android device. 

Please mark your calendars for August 19th, and join me for our yearly Curriculum Night. I’ll have more details next week, but I’m excited to spend time with all of you in my classroom. 

Here’s to a successful week!

Mr. Garcia


Math Resources

Here are the math lessons from our class. Have your child revisit our lesson if you find they need the extra support (or you’d like to see what they’re learning in class).

Please be sure to bookmark this Youtube playlist, and our daily lessons will be added.