Qualcomm Field Trip & Student Led Conferences.

CamSix415 Parents,

This Monday we’ll visiting Qualcomm and their program known as ‘Thinkabit.’ It’s imperative that we have the permission slips and Qualcomm release forms filled out before you arrive to campus on Monday morning. Please click here to download the English version.

Este lunes vamos a visitar Qualcomm y su programa conocido como ‘Thinkabit.’ Es importante que tengamos las hojas de permiso y formas de liberación para entrar a Qualcomm. Haga clic aquí para descargar la versión Español.

Spring conferences are among us, and I only have around 16 parents that have signed up. Please click here, to access this private, yet editable, link in Google. Be sure to use your laptop/desktop computer to sign up. If you’re using a mobile device, it may have complications. I have it open until March 2nd, then I’ll have to close the document and assign the dates.

See you all Monday!

Mr. Garcia


Qualcomm Field Trip, Spring Conferences, & Pick Up Time from Camp

CamSix415 Parents,

We are here at camp, and it’s refreshing to see your kids enjoying themselves. This coming Monday, March 2nd, we have a field trip of which we’ll leave Camarena at 7:45 am and return at 3:30 pm. We’re excited to visit a new program being offered by Qualcomm called ‘Thinkabit.’ Please visit this article from the Union Tribune to watch a video and read what it’s all about. The field trip forms and release forms were sent out last Friday, but if you could be so kind to drop those forms off to our office Secretary, Norma, she knows to keep them safe for me when I return this coming Friday.

Spring conferences are among us, and I only have around 7 parents that have signed up. Please click here, to access this private, yet editable, link in Google. I have it open until March 2nd, then I’ll have to close the document and assign the dates.

Lastly, this coming Friday our hope is to leave Julian “around 10 am” putting us at Camarena “around 12 pm.” Please be sure to follow us on twitter @CamSix415. There’s also a link on the sidebar of this webpage. There I’ll do my best to update on the happenings of camp.

See you all Friday!

Mr. Garcia

Last Minute Camp Announcements & Spring Conference Sign Up Document

CamSix415 Parents,

Tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for all year, 6th grade camp! All health forms are in, permission slips, and camp money! We’re set to go, and thank you for cooperating. Also, last reminder is that if your child has/needs medication, please take it to the auditorium tomorrow morning and look for Nurse Pauline. She’ll be sitting down with a table and box, as she’s organizing all the medications. Any questions you may have can be addressed by her expertise.

Be sure to follow our class at www.twitter.com/camsix415 for all updates. Also, if you use Instagram or Twitter you’ll be able to see all the camp festivities across all grade levels with the hashtag of #CamCamp2015. If you child is not attending camp, they are required to be at school this week and will be rejoining their 5th grade teachers this week.

Lastly, I’ve created this google document for you to fill in the times you’re able to come for our student led conferences this year. Please click here, for the document to sign up.

Let’s have a great week!

Mr. Garcia

All the 411 on 6th Grade Camp

Parents of CamSix415,

I hope you’re enjoying the completion to our four day weekend. I wanted to give you heads up of what to prepare yourselves for this week of camp packing. Remember it’s a four night stay and the only suggestion I have beyond the list is an extra pair of shoes and extra socks. Other than that here are the list for all the supplies you’ll need to pack for camp. Be sure to click on the following links:

That should be the extent of all the information you’ll need. Please be sure to follow our class on twitter at www.twitter.com/camsix415 for updates and photos.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me. Some parents have been using the Class Dojo app to send me messages, and I tend to respond to that quicker being that it’s much like text messaging.

Here’s to a great week!

Mr. Garcia

Expressing our Visible Learning (No Pun)

Here’s some of our learning we’re engaged with today in algebra. Enjoy hearing your children explain and show off their thinking.